Teeth Whitening & Pregnancy or Breastfeeding

Can I get my teeth whitened if I am Pregnant or breastfeeding?

This is a question that keeps coming up over and over again and honestly no body has the answer. However I am going to answer this in two parts. In the first part I'll explain why we do not recommend this during pregnancy and the second part our experience in the same.

Firstly there is no proven research or study done to suggest that there is any harm. Then again I wouldn't want to be the one to find out either. It is just suggested that to be safe than sorry and we follow that protocol.

Secondly, we have had clients that just wanted teeth whitening done and have done so .. They and their babies some probably at school now are all fine..

Now I can understand why this would be the case.. There are systems which use trays and the gel in the tray can be swallowed.. Prob not a good idea....

We do not use trays. We use a retractor and the gel is on the teeth and then wiped and also rinsed off. So the ingesting the same is nil or very very minimal if it is. (Its not just saying)

So in a nutshell I leave it to the mum to decide but with all the facts first. We will still guide you to avoid the same but we have experience to suggest otherwise.

Its your call...

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