The Lovely Smiles Guide To How Teeth Whitening Works

October 30, 2017




The tooth is not as we assume it is.


In fact although it may seem hard it is actually very soft. The enamel is not white but clear like glass and has millions of tiny pores. What we see as a white tooth is actually the dentin behind the enamel. This dentin is made up of millions of tiny tubulars and is not a solid state. Behind the dentin we have the pulp and nerve.


Tooth discolouration happens both on the inside and outside of the enamel.


Stains on the outside are due to lifestyle choices; generally from what we consume orally, like red wine, nicotine, tea, coffee and many more products of the likes.


Stains on the on the inside however, can occur from medicinal backgrounds like tetracycline, and chemical intervention like fluorosis which can also be passed on to a child during pregnancy.


These internal stains are generally very difficult to remove unless one has multiple short teeth whitening sessions consecutively and sometimes repeated again the same in another appointment a day later.  

3 In 1 Gel Whitens The Teeth

The staining on the enamel occurs due to the foods we eat and drink which leave a residue on the tiny pores of the enamel and eventually harden.


Similar to that ring that forms in a tea or coffee cup over time regardless of washing it everyday.  The intrinsic stains are deeper.


Our whitening gel contains 3 key ingredients. Firstly Hydrogen peroxide which breaks down these stains and removing them.


Similar to that like cleaning glass, when it’s clean we can see clearly through the other side, and in this case the white dentin behind the enamel.


Our 3 in 1 Gel Is Pain And Sensitivity Free


Traditional teeth whitening almost every time no matter where you get it done from will leave ones teeth feeling sensitive and painful.


This is the biggest regret for people who have had it done and the biggest fear for those considering having it done.


Lovelysmiles addresses this with its patented formula by using the same active ingredients in Sensodyne toothpaste in its whitening gel making it a pain and sensitivity free experience. This allows Lovelysmiles to perform longer treatment sessions giving better brighter results and also able to treat those with Tetracycline and Fluorosis easier and better.

The Lovelysmile 3 in 1 Gel is available in a lower strength take home whitening pen and also used in regular strength in our clinical chair side treatments.  The chair side treatments are activated with our specially calibrated blue lights to work effectively with it giving quicker and greater longer lasting results.


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