10 Years of whitening

April 2, 2018

Lovelysmiles Teeth Whitening

Lovelysmiles was founded in 2008 by JJ. He named the company after his wife whose name is Lovely 

In 2009-10 JJ started to formulated his own teeth whitening gel making it at the time the only teeth whitening or dental product made in NZ other than some toothpastes.

The uniqueness of Lovelysmiles gel is that it is the only one made in NZ that desensitises the teeth and re-strengthens the enamel as it whitens. This has allowed a much more comfortable experience as opposed to traditional whitening products and methods. Because the experience is so comfortable it has allowed longer treatments to be performed & therefore getting the optimal results for the customer. 

Lovelysmiles carried the New Zealand Fernmark & is now used by many dentists dentists worldwide as there preferred teeth whitening product and system.

JJ today personally trains dentists around the world in professional teeth whitening and is the founding and current president of the New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association. The New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association or NZCTWA has been recognised by the EPA, MoH, & DCNZ as an equivalent of the NZDA.

JJ & his wife Lovely have an ethos which is the backbone philosophy of Lovelysmiles; whereby anybody who comes in contact with Lovelysmiles and its team will leave with a Lovelysmile whether they have white teeth or not. This can be from the courier driver who delivers the packages to the suppliers let alone our valuable clients, everybody will leave with a Lovelysmile. Clients can further be assured with Lovelysmiles Whiter Teeth - 200% money back guarantee.

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PH: 0508 LOVELY (568359)

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