At Lovelysmiles we have an ethos that everybody that comes in touch with us from customers to creditors to suppliers, in fact, anyone must leave us with a Lovelysmile, white teeth or not. This philosophy along with our own special NZ Made formula for teeth whitening gel ensures that the name Lovelysmiles is synonymous with teeth whitening. Lovelysmiles is also a founding member of the NZCTWA New Zealand Cosmetic Teeth Whitening Association. All of our team are trained, certified and registered with the same.


If you would like to have your own Lovelysmiles business in your area then feel free to contact us and we will help you to give everyone a Lovelysmile. Lovelysmiles teeth whitening is great as a stand-alone business but even better as an add-on to an existing business like a beauty salon or dental clinic. Send JJ an email now for more info.